Wise Owl Studio needs you! Our recent innovate UK award has helped build this new up-rated website now using our own Xen hypervisor VPS secure servers. The project is in alpha-stage, so please make allowances and we would really benefit from community advice on our own user forum or social media

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Wise Owl is a small indie game studio focusing on 'full freedom' games and when we say freedom, we mean freedom! Appearance, playstyle, first and third person, multi-play inputs, and yet better still, minimal gender and race locks. In short, ultimate configurability in built from the ground up.

Built by gamers, for gamers, all gameplay/site feedback from our community is respected, valued and listened to. It's essential for our ongoing game development, coding and storylines to be the best they can possibly be. Tell us what's hot, what's not and if you discover a broken link or runtime play error, become a real-time gameplay tester and tell us about it please!

Wise Owl's mission is to make and market great to play games. You won't find generic re-paints here! If you have a game needing distribution, marketing or studio testing put a call in to us now!

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